Lash Extension Course  $800.

This two day course in theory and practical hands-on experience.  This will provide you with a solid understanding of the antimony of the eye, sanitation, and proper application of varies types of lashes on the market to create custom eyelash extensions.

Supplies included:

1 Basic training manual

1 Mannequin head

2 High precision Medical grade tweezers Anti-Static
& Non-Magnetic in a protective case.
(1 Angled 35 degrees- super fine tip 
1 Straight 5.314” super fine tip)

3 sets of lash strips

1 medical tape

1 tray of lashes

2g | Adhesive

Certificate supplied:

On completion of 6 sets submitted & reviewed

Course requirements:

An active cosmetogolgy  or Aesthetic license

Volume Lash Extension Course $500.

This one day course will add to your basic knowledge and application.  Demonstrating,

3d designs in volume applications, 
how-to correct clients lash issues and tricks for speed. 

Supplies include:

1 Advance training manual 

1 High precision Medical grade tweezers
Anti-Static & Non-Magnetic

Hooked w/textured grip 4.53" 

1 set of  lashes strips

1 medical tape 

1 tray of volume lashes

2g | Adhesive

Certificate supplied:

 On completion of 6 set submitted & reviewed 

Course requirements:

competed basic course, show 3  types of lash application & an active cosmetogolgy or Aesthetic license

Courses bought together save $250.  Must be taken within 4 months.


lash extensions,Lift & tints 


PHOTOGRAPY headshots 

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